NHD-1000 Dual-Boot

This Dual-Boot Android 4.0/Enigma2 STB is our newest addition to our NHD-Series.

NHD-8020 Twin Tuner

This STB is our Full HD Twin-Tuner solution.


Solid and Stable. Full HD for the whole Family.

NewHD - The Future of Televison


We are pleased to anounce the first models in our brand new series of HighDefinition Satelite Receivers. From costeffective but still powerfull HD-Receivers for the family, up to HIGHEND Satelite Receivers the World has not seen until now.

High Quality for Hard- and Software as well as Customer Support is our primary goal. Our Korean Engineer Partners are working around the clock to ensure highest Quality Standards and our friendly Support Team would be pleased to help you with any Question you might have.